November 1, 2020

Hoodies have been around for centuries if we consider monks wore them in medieval times. Now let’s refer to modern times. They were introduced primarily as garments for labourers to protect their faces and ears from the bitter cold weather. In the ‘70s their popularity grew because of hip-hoppers, fashion designers and last but not least the great “Rocky” films.

Twenty years later surfers, skaters, universities and schools adopted them. From being mainly sporty hoodies, they have now developed into a garment that we can wear frequently and combine them in several ways. Today hoodies are practically a must in everyone’s wardrobe. There are a few things that we suggest you take into consideration when shopping for a hoodie.


An important recommendation. When buying a hoodie you should think carefully about what way you want to wear it, so you choose the right size. Do you want a baggy hoodie style or do you want a more fitted one to wear under a jacket? Hoodies have now become very versatile, so this decision is entirely up to you… Once you’ve worked this out, you can decide what size you should purchase.


At this point, there is so much to choose from. It’s all about your personal likes and style. What suits you best, a hoodie with a zipper or a pullover? Now it’s time to consider the graphic design for him or for her you prefer. As hoodies are so popular today there is a wide range of graphic designs on the market. There are ones with a little humour, supporting causes, expressing feelings and many others. Just begin window shopping online.

Fabric quality

Now then, this is a major issue. Don’t settle for anything but the best. It’s important you look for good quality fabric because we usually wear our hoodie on a nearly everyday basis, this means it’s washed often. You need to choose a fabric that will put up with constant washing and won’t lose its colour or its shape. Nowadays there are all sorts of qualities on the market, so just make sure you look at the labels and see what you are buying.


Obviously, there are hoodies suitable for different seasons of the year. Make sure you chose the right one. For cold weather, you want a thick and smooth fabric that will keep you nice and warm, for higher temperatures you can look for thinner fabric to wear in cool evenings and don’t forget you can even find sleeveless hoodies as a suitable alternative for warm weather. Don’t forget to look around for one with a cool graphic design.


Keeping in mind size, design, quality and seasonality, buying a certain hoodie will mostly depend on your choice. You need to decide carefully what you are really looking for. Just remember the above issues, shop around and finally buy one or more hoodies that you are sure will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe or probably even renew it and give your style a fresh look!!

Most of all, check out that you will be comfortable wearing the hoodie you are purchasing and that you feel it’s really “YOU”.

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