Our Comings and Goings

Our Comings and Goings

And life goes on
In my teens, I guess like most of us, I was always looking to fulfil my short-lived dreams as fast as possible to quickly move on the next one. Never spent much time on one issue. When I felt “stuck in the mud”, I would always find a way out trying something new. I imagine that we all feel the same way. We need to move on, modernizing or updating our way of life. It’s always good to find a path to move forward, making the best of our present but keeping the future in mind.

How to decide what changes we want to make in our lives. Maybe we need to start by evaluating our present situation and decide whether we are enjoying what we are doing. Are we comfortable with the people that surround us, do we like our appearance? And so many other questions that we can ask ourselves. It’s up to each one of us to carry out a little mental exercise or a personal scan to determine whether we want to work on our outer appearance and then move on to our more intimate interior or the other way around. I always start with my appearance, because when I look in the mirror and like what I see, it gives me fresh energy. I embark on a new haircut and go shopping to partially update my wardrobe. Some new T-shirts with messages that mean something to me or new hoodies in colours I rarely wear, and voilá, I already feel upgraded and happy.

Talking of decisions, have you decided what you expect from life, who you want to share it with or how you want to spend your time? We are always making many plans for the future, but do we take into account our aims or goals? To make others happy first, we need to be comfortable and at ease with ourselves. Life has so much more meaning if we set clear horizons to work towards.

Looking Ahead
Nowadays the internet is such a brilliant companion. We can get so many ideas we had probably never even thought of for remodelling our home, changing our clothing collection, choosing to wear an original style of clothes, DIY projects, trips to unknown places. The list is never ending. You just need to decide what is most important to you and start moving in the chosen direction. Give it a Try, it will surely bring joy and light into your life.

I once read a poem that although it was written many years ago, there are lines that make sense even today, “avoid loud and aggressive persons”, “be yourself, don’t feign affection”. It is so important to achieve as much well-being as possible. Be positive, make your surroundings pleasant, learn to trust your feelings and try to keep on the bright side. There is no greater reward in life than feeling at ease with yourself. That is the starting point for any other changes you may want to make in your life.

Step by Step
No big changes come overnight. They are usually gradual, one step at a time. Then as your life progresses, you’ll suddenly look back and see how far you have gone. You will need to develop tolerance to frustration because this is part of life. Keep moving forward don’t accept defeat, just take it in your stride, always bearing in mind your goals and ALWAYS try to be optimistic.

Be bold, don’t be afraid of changes evolution is all around us!!

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