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"When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves."

About 'Vanclothes'

Vanclothes is an online local business operated in Vancouver. We manily focus on providing versatile hoodies and t-shirts, keeping it original, trendy and comfortable! Giving you the chance to wear our garments with any casual outfit for a daily activity or even travelling.

In vanclothes we love to encourage our costumers to express their thoughts, giving them a chance to play the leading role in our brand by sharing their own experiences with us. The idea of this is to create a good emotional connection between our loyal customers in Canada and us by granting a great service, but also constant innovation through our designs! Always believing in and supporting our eco-friendly view.


As always, we appreciate your trust greatly!

Our values

  • Eco-friendly
In vanclothes we are proud to say all our efforts and interest go to being part of an eco-friendly movement and reason. All of the materials used in our garments go through processes that help to reduce the impact they could have on our environment. We work everyday to improve in the ways we can help! And encourage our customers to do so as well.
  • Thankful
We are endlessly thankful to each member of our team and customers who choose to relay their trust on us to be a part of this project, we owe our succes to each one of them and we hope to keep that up!
  • Authentic
We are not perfect, nor do we pretend to be; but we are and will always be persistent and willing to knock down barriers! Being honest and transparent comes with our job as we give our all to do well and leave you content with our work.
  • Together 
Unity is strength, and in vanclothes we are aware of this and the role each one of us play in this teamwork; looking out for each other with emphaty and solidarity at all times.

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