January 31, 2021

Calling all white t-shirt lovers! There is no other iconic piece of clothing you can count on more in your closet than a white cotton t-shirt, and Vanclothes has the best eco-friendly t-shirts for all genders. Trends come and go, but a classic white cotton t-shirt lasts for decades. That is why you can find one or one for every day of the week in everyone’s closets. From grandparents to babies, a quality-fitted white t-shirt spans all generations, and will never go out of style. How can you take this comfortable and versatile t-shirt and make it fashionable? Here are Vanclothes top five ways to style a classic white t-shirt.

Street Style

A mix between casual and hip, pair any white t-shirt for men and women with cargo pants or distressed denim and sneakers, and be the influencer that starts the fashion trend. Be creative and make a statement about women and men’s urban t-shirt styles. From graphic designs on a white t-shirt to layering it under jewelry or a bomber jacket, the basic white t-shirt can easily match any outfit in your closet.


From office meetings to a round of golf with some clients, a quality-fitted white t-shirt is effortless and elegant in all situations. A white t-shirt can be dressed up or down, so pair it with a suit or slacks for the office, and remove the jacket for the golf course. We know meetings can be stressful, and a hot summer day on the course can make you sweat. Don't you worry, Van Clothes is an eco-friendly brand that uses the best lightweight and breathable cotton in making your t-shirts to save you from any embarrassment!

Night Out

Grab your leather jacket, white t-shirt and heels; you are ready for a night out on the town! When you are stumped about what to wear for a date night to a bar or a bachelor’s party, white t-shirts for men or women are essential. Not only will it keep you comfortable while you dance the night away, but a white t-shirt can make any outfit look effortless!    


We have all come to love athleisure, especially with so many of us juggling working from home and motivating ourselves to workout. Thankfully, your white t-shirt is the ultimate investment for your comfort with staying cozy at home or going to the gym. A white cotton t-shirt is made out of breathable fabric and easily pairs well with leggings and workout attire.

Classic and Cool

Channel your vintage look with a classic white T-shirt paired with jeans. You can dress it up with some lipstick, and you are ready for a brunch date, going to the beach or picking up the kids from school. Classic and cool takes the white t-shirt back to its debut for unisex fashion and comfort.


A white t-shirt is the centrepiece of fashion, and has withstood years of cultures, styles and trends. It is a blank canvas for you to show your individuality. Whether it is a night out, casual day at home or business meeting, the white t-shirt is always ready for your outfit changes throughout your busy day. Show off your style with Vanclothes large t-shirts collection or come in and make your own design. Check out vanclothes.com to see what we have to offer, your canvas awaits.